What is  The Future is Mobile (TFiM)?

TFiM is an idea masking as an ideology – it’s a manner of thinking. A way to express once personal belief in the most subtle way possible. It’s a way to enjoy all the good things associated with being a part of something that also other people can connect with. It’s a way to spot likeminded people in the endless space of interactions that we call life. Think of it as a virtual bumper sticker. If spotting a TFiM logo can bring a smile to your face or help you interact with a stranger, it has succeeded. TFiM will be an essential part of Solidarify – an association that aims to further solidarity through the means of technology. Check out solidarify.org for more.


So, how does it work?

TFiM is all about sharing. And as we know: sharing is caring. The easiest way to take part is to display the TFiM logo on your personal website, blog, Twitter page and/or Facebook wall. You are free to share and remix as long as the use is non-commercial. TFiM is all about freedom of expression. Therefore being free is one of its core principles. All I really ask from you is that you link back to this page, so that others can learn about its existence too.


Ok, I bite. How do I use the logo?

That’s really easy! Just copy-and-paste the code below to your own web site or download the logo to your own computer from the following link: The Future is Mobile (900)

<a href=”http://www.villeaho.com/the-future-is-mobile”><img src=”http://www.villeaho.com/thefutureismobile/thefutureismobile_logo.png” width=”100″ height=”100″ alt=”The Future is Mobile” title=”The Future is Mobile. Join the movement!”></a>


Are there any other ways to express my love?

Hold your horses! ;) This is not meant to be a serious movement or anything. The idea is to be subtle. But if subtle is not your thing you could always consider the maybe-not-so-subtle and more of an in-your-face TFiM T-shirt. The shirt ships with TFiM stickers, which you can use to decorate your surroundings, or your dog with.

TFiM T-shirt

(Out of stock)

There might be limited quantity of very special edition TFiM coffee mugs in the future. I’ll make announcements here and on Twitter when and if that day comes. You’re of course  allowed to make your own TFiM mugs, mouse pads, posters etc. if you really feel like it – as long as the use is non-commercial.


More, I want more!

Keep an eye out for Solidarify for more information about TFiM. In the meantime, if you have any more questions you can always contact me directly: Contact Information.

The Future is Mobile (TFiM) logo is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. You are free to share and remix as long as the use is non-commercial. Lear more about the rights here. Lawyer friendly legal text can be found  here.


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